Annual Business Meeting, 2012

Archaeological Institute of America

Western Massachusetts Society

Annual Business Meeting

May 10, 2012



The Annual Meeting began at 4:35 pm in the study room at the Mead Art Museum (a change of venue from the Alumni House) with Jason Moralee’s lecture on “Tarpeia’s Gold: Archaeology, Legend, and the Capitoline Hill.”

Scott Bradbury, President, called the business meeting to order at 5:35 pm. Present were: Scott Bradbury (President), Geoff Sumi (Secretary), Matt Emerson (Treasurer), Paula Debnar, Rebecca Sinos, Pamela Russell, Diana Larkin, and Bob Creed.

The minutes from the May 11, 2011 annual meeting were approved with the following emendations: Pamela Russell and Jason Moralee should have been on the slate of candidates for the council.

President Bradbury began his report by citing accomplishments of the year, including a new website, which is a substantial improvement over the old one. Scott added that he would consult with Eric Poehler about migrating the site to a new host, where it might have greater flexibility and the capacity to accommodate video and PowerPoint presentations.

Scott then reviewed the very successful lecture program, including the field trip hosted by him and Matt Emerson in the Whateley woods on National Archaeology Day in the fall. We had about 25 attendees. Matt pointed out that he will repeat the event this fall and has already received an AIA outreach grant to support it. Matt developed a PowerPoint presentation in connection with the field trip, which we will convert to pdf format and upload to the website.

Comments on the lecture program included how much students enjoyed Greg Aldrete’s reconstruction the lino-thorax armor. We were a little disappointed in the attendance at Jeffrey Hurwit’s Lehmann lecture. Some conjectured that having “geometric Greek pottery” disadvantaged it. But the consensus was that it was an excellent lecture.

In the absence of the vice-president there was no vice-president’s report.

Matt Emerson presented the treasurer’s report, informing us that we have $1,667.90 in our account, which included the membership rebate, lecture rebate, and grant for archaeology day. Matt also pointed out that some companies provide matching funds for donations to non-profits, and encouraged us to take advantage of such opportunities. Diana mentioned that we could encourage our membership at large to donate, since they are more likely to work for companies that have such matching programs.

Matt also encouraged us to think about applying for AIA outreach grants to fund initiatives that might reach children, in particular (an especial desire of the national office). Scott brought up the possibility of using the coin collection at Smith to introduce school groups to the ancient world.

After a brief discussion, we decided on the following lecture program for next year:

Lehmann lecture:

  • Sarah Morris (UCLA)
  • Smith College, Graham Auditorium, Thursday, September 20, 2012, 5:00 pm
  • Title TBA


National lectures:

Jacques Perrault (Université de Montréal), “The Kilns of Thasos: an Island Potter’s Workshop in Ancient Greece (6th c. B.C.).” Amherst College, Thursday, October 18, 2012, time/room TBA

Lynne Lancaster (Ohio University), “Olive Oil and Architecture in North Africa” Mount Holyoke College, Thursday, March 7, 2013, time/room TBA

Alexandra Carpino (Northern Arizona University), Title TBA. UMass, Thursday, April 11, 2013, time/room TBA


We decided to allow the appropriate UMass faculty to choose the topic for Prof. Carpino’s lecture.

Matt brought up the possibility of a “simulcast” of Prof. Perrault’s lecture using Adobe Connect. Participants would be able to see his PowerPoint and hear the audio portion of his lecture. The council agreed that this was worth pursuing, with a note of caution (concerning permissions and intellectual property rights): we would need to receive permission of the national office and the speaker. Matt agreed to follow up.

Matt also offered to give a lecture on his fieldwork in Africa. After a brief discussion, we urged Paula and Geoff to contact Ellen Alvord at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum about an upcoming African exhibition in conjunction with which Matt could give a lecture or gallery talk that would be co-sponsored by AIA-WMS. We decided that February would be a good month for such a lecture, in part because it is Black history month.

The nominating committee (Diana Larkin, Paula Debnar, and Thalia Pandiri) proposed a slate of candidates for officers and council: Scott Bradbury (President), Eric Poehler (Vice President), Rebecca Sinos (Secretary), and Matthew Emerson (Treasurer); the council includes Paula Debnar, Barbara Kellum, Jason Moralee, Pamela Russell, Geoffrey Sumi, and Anthony Tuck. The slate was unanimously approved. The secretary will send the slate of candidates to the membership at large.


Matt expressed interest in serving as Society president in the future.

Scott announced that he would forward information about the Joukowsky award to the council members.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Geoffrey Sumi