Annual Business Meeting, 2010

Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting, May 13, 2010


  Archaeological Institute of America 
Western Massachusetts Society
  May 13, 2010

The Annual Meeting began at 4:00 pm in 301 Herter Hall (UMass) with refreshments before Tony Tuck’s presentation, entitled “Goddesses, Aristocrats and Politics of Sex in Early Etruscan Italy,” based in part on excavations he directs at Poggio Civitate.

Tony Tuck called the business meeting to order at 4:55 pm. Present were: Tony Tuck (President), Eric Poehler (Vice President), Geoff Sumi (Secretary), Diana Larkin, Paula Debnar, Barbara Kellum, Bob Creed, Rex Wallace (guest), Kelsey LeClair (guest). We formally welcomed Kelsey (a Mount Holyoke student) as a prospective member. Tony Tuck reported that he has been in contact with the national office about members (including himself) missing from our roster. Barbara Kellum mentioned that she, too, regularly is left off our roster. Tony also mentioned that one of the customary duties of the president is to complete and submit to the national office the lecture feedback forms. He invited comments from those present about this past year’s lecture program either at this meeting or by email.

Eric Poehler reported on the preliminary plans for next year’s Lehmann lecture. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill has tentatively accepted our invitation but is unavailable in the fall semester (2010). The consensus of a recent email exchange, as Eric reported, was that we should shift the Lehmann lecture to next spring semester (2011) in order to accommodate Prof. Wallace-Hadrill’s schedule. It was decided that Eric will offer first the month of March, 2011, to Prof. Wallace-Hadrill, while scrupulously avoiding the week of spring break as well as the few days before and after it. The second option will be late April.

We also discussed potential invitees for future Lehmann lectures, including Penelope Davies, Sarah Morris, Richard Neer, and Jeffrey Hurwit. It was also proposed that we consider local candidates. Finally, since Wallace-Hadrill will be the second successive Lehmann lecture on Pompeii (or Herculaneum), it was agreed that we try to invite a Hellenist for 2011/2012.
The nominating committee (Paula Debnar, Bob Paynter (in absentia), and Becky Sinos (in absentia)) proposed a slate of candidates for officers: Diana Larkin (President), Eric Poehler (Vice President), Geoff Sumi (Secretary), and Matt Emerson (Treasurer). We took nominations from the floor for the council: Barbara Kellum, Becky Sinos, Paula Debnar, Tony Tuck. We will also appoint a student representative in the fall semester. The Secretary will inform the membership via email announcement of the slate of candidates.
We then discussed the lecture program for next year. We decided that Roger Smith’s lecture (“Exploring Tristán de Luna’s Lost Galleon: A Study of Florida’s Earliest Shipwreck”) will be at UMass on November 4, 2010 (time and room TBA); Barbara Barletta’s lecture (“The Temple of Athena at Sounion”) will be at Mount Holyoke College on February 3, 2011 at 5:30 pm (room TBA); and Larissa Bonfante’s lecture (“The Etruscan Underworld”) will be at Amherst College on April 5, 2011 (pending Becky Sinos’ approval)
The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.Respectfully submitted, Geoffrey Sumi
Secretary**ADDENDUM**: After the meeting the decision was made to swap locations for two of our lectures for next year. Barbara Barletta will speak at Amherst College on February 3, 2011 and Larissa Bonfante will speak at Mount Holyoke College on April 5, 2011.